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Contracting Office

The Contracting Office negotiates all legally binding contractual documents for clinical trials, including, but not limited to, Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA) and Clinical Trial Agreements (CTA). The purpose of negotiations is to ensure that study subjects, investigators, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock are legally protected.

Send all CDAs and CTAs received from sponsors directly to the CTO at CTO@hitchcock.org. Once received, each document will be assigned to a Contracting Officer, who will work with the sponsor to negotiate and finalize the agreement. The fully negotiated document will then be circulated for signature(s).

The only authorized signatories for clinical trial contractual agreements are the Vice President for Clinical Research Operations and the Director of the Clinical Trials Office. Sometimes the principal investigator must sign to acknowledge or accept contract obligations. If so, the CTO will route the contract for signature. Please sign only those documents routed by the CTO staff. Do not sign any agreements sent directly by sponsors.

Contracting officers

  • Denise DuCharme, JD, MS
  • Jamie Peal, JD 
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