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Respiratory Therapy

D-H's respiratory therapy telemedicine services provide consultation and management support for patients who require long-term respiratory dependence on sophisticated technology at outside hospitals and skilled facilities. D-H respiratory therapy telemedicine offers ventilator-dependent patients an opportunity to receive care in a setting other than an acute care hospital.


Photo of Scott Slogic with patients A skilled team of respiratory therapists is available to provide teleconsultative care any time of the day or night to those patients requiring mechanical ventilator support at an outside hospital or skilled facility. Any member of the patient's care team—nurse, provider or respiratory therapist—can activate a consultation for any reason. We have initially partnered with Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital in Greenfield, NH, a specialty hospital that serves individuals with disabilities and their families, and will continue to expand our reach with these services as we build on our relationships throughout the region.

With telemedicine, we are able to provide high quality respiratory therapy care that is efficient and of high-value for all of our patients. In addition to managing complex situations and crisis interventions for patients with varying levels of respiratory needs, providers at D-H and the outside hospital or skilled facility meet regularly to round on patients, create care plans, address stable ventilator management, and discuss ventilator weaning. Respiratory therapy telemedicine allows our patients to receive comprehensive services from specialists closer to home for short-term or permanent ventilator assistance.

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