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Our funded research projects include:

  • Antibody and non-antibody directed iron oxide nanoparticle breast and ovarian cancer treatment (NIH NCI U54, ACS/ NCCC internal, NIH SBIR awards)
  • Development of iron/iron oxide nanoparticles (NIH U54 and foundation award)
  • Neonatal cardiorespiratory monitoring and care (industry funding)
  • Natural Oriface Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) (CIMIT/NIH award)
  • Assessment of novel surgical mesh material (industry and NHIRC awards)
  • Noninvasive microwave imaging and heating techniques (ACS/NCCC internal award)
  • Electron paramagnetic resonance assessment of O2 levels in radiation tissue damage (NIH P01, U19 award, DOD award, Dow-Crichlow award)
  • Radiation innovation and development research (NIH P30 award)
  • Retinal implant technology for restoration of retinal blindness (industry award)
  • Cornea reshaping technology (Euclid Corp)
  • Novel esophageal stent technology (industry award)
  • Assessment of novel electrocautery technology (Salient Corp)
  • Photodynamic therapy: treatment efficacy and mechanism (NIH R01, P01 and K01 awards )
  • Use and development of fluorescence and near infared (NIR) in cancer imaging, diagnosis, and treatment (three NIH R01 awards)
  • Development and assessment of interventional cardiovascular models and technologies (NIH SBIR and industry funding)
  • Anti-angiogenesis and associated developmental biology (NIH R01 and foundation awards)
  • Electrical impedance spectroscopy and tomography imaging technology (NIH-NCI P01 and R01 Breast cancer imaging awards)
  • Protein engineering for diagnosis and therapy of cancer and developmental disease (NIH U54, P20 and NSF)
  • Development and assessment of absorbable surgical staples (Artisent Corp)
  • Novel treatment of spinal cord injury (AmelioMed Corp and IRS award)
  • Use of pre-transplant MRI and novel preservation methods to improve transplant organ health (Somah Corp)