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Training Information

There are multiple options for training:

  • Online training
    This consists of a live environment demonstrating the different features of D-Hconnect for Provider and Staff templates populated only by test patients. If you have a D-Hconnect account, and have already installed Citrix Receiver, click the following link to log in and access D-Hconnect Practice and Training:
  • Reference cards
    We are continually adding new materials and quick reference sheets on both the training module within Citrix and on this website. The following documents will help you navigate D-Hconnect and learn some easy ways of completing some tasks.
  • Group presentations/training
    D-Hconnect staff will be available to do group training. We encourage you to view the online training before committing to a group training. Email DHconnect@hitchcock.org if you are interested in scheduling group training.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding training, email DHconnect@hitchcock.org or call (603) 653-3272.