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Transplantation Surgery

The Section of Solid Organ Transplantation Surgery comprises a team of specialty surgeons, Transplant Coordinator nurses, laboratory and radiology staff, pharmacists, dietitians, social workers, and physical rehabilitation providers who care for pediatric and adult patients with end stage kidney and liver disease.

Comprehensive surgical care including living donor transplant utilizing laparoscopic donor nephrectomy, deceased donor kidney and pancreas transplantation, dialysis access surgery, and management of complex hepatobiliary tumors is provided in this section. Evaluation and management of transplant candidates and recipients includes pre-operative care, management of immunosuppression, and long-term patient monitoring.

After many years with a successful renal transplantation program, we initiated our pancreas transplant program in the fall of 2005. Pancreas transplant offers the opportunity for insulin independence and improved quality of life for patients with diabetes mellitus. Since the beginning of our program over 25 pancreas transplants have been performed with 100% patient and graft survival.

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