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Pediatric Anesthesia

Pediatric Anesthesia provision at DHMC, under the auspices of the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD), continues to expand both in numbers of cases and the types of care and interventions that are provided. The pediatric anesthesiology team embraces the challenge of providing the required anesthesia care by incorporating the latest techniques for general and regional anesthesia, pioneering innovative anesthesia/sedation solutions outside the operating room, and providing state of the art acute pain services for children.

Patient Care

All members of the Department are privileged to provide anesthesia to children and provide the highest standards of pediatric perioperative care. The pediatric anesthesiology team consists of board certified pediatric anesthesiologist and a core group of anesthesia providers who have a unique commitment to perioperative pediatric care. This group provides anesthesia/sedation services in the CHaD operating suites, CHaD PainFree program, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Intensive Care Nursery, IRadiology Units, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, and the Gastroenterology Unit. We are also involved in care delivery across several unique programs at DHMC:

  • Outpatient Surgery Center (OSC): A subset of our pediatric anesthesiology specialists rotate at the OSC providing optimal care for pediatric patients undergoing Ear Nose and Throat, Urology, General Surgical and Orthopedic procedures. We are excited at the opportunity to both improve patient care and offer resident training opportunities in this beautiful facility.
  • CHAD Pain Free Program: The Pain Free program was developed to provide children anesthesia and sedation for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. A dedicated pediatric team provides care to children that require procedures, radiological examinations such as MRI or CT scans, dental surgery, and chemotherapy treatments.
  • Pediatric Acute Pain Service (PAPS): The PAPS rounds daily on patients with postoperative pain control issues and consults on any pediatric inpatients who have special pain control needs – notably those with malignancies or other chronic diseases.
  • Center for Surgical Innovation (CSI): Our pediatric anesthesia team provides perioperative care to children that require neurosurgical or orthopedic procedures. Specialized anesthetic techniques designed to maximize patient safety and optimize patient outcomes were developed to provide anesthetic care in this unique environment.
  • CHaD Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and Intensive Care Nursery (ICN): Pediatric Anesthesia attendings and residents provide comprehensive airway management expertise to these units including the latest developments in airway maintenance technology, as well as fiberoptic airway access techniques. The team offers ongoing pain/sedation consultation for these units for both chronic ventilator dependent patients as well as those with unusual or severe pain control issues.
  • Pediatric Perioperative Program (PPP): The PPP allows pediatric patients at CHaD to receive all of their perioperative care from a specialized team of nurses and Child Life specialists dedicated specifically to optimizing the operative experience for children and their families. Response to the service has been overwhelmingly positive with many families remarking on the excellence of care and ability of the team to meet the specific individual needs of each family/patient group.

In addition to these daily services, the neonatal anesthesia team provides additional call support for the Department in the case of complex neonatal or pediatric cases that present after hours or on weekends and holidays.


The pediatric anesthesiology team continues to serve a clinical teaching role for medical students, nursing students, emergency medicine residents, pediatric residents, and anesthesiology residents. The staff takes pride in the continuing evolution of an aggressive on-line curriculum that addresses both the physiological and emotional considerations for the perioperative and operative care of pediatric patients and their families.


Members of the pediatric group are actively involved in clinical and basic science research in order to improve the quality and delivery of pediatric perioperative care. Our division collaborates with local, regional and national experts to advance the science of pediatric anesthesia, pain management and perioperative services.