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Regional (Block) Anesthesia

The goal of the Regional (Block) Anesthesia team is to provide safe and effective pain relief for our community. We are committed to using the latest in ultrasound and imaging technology to achieve this end. Through non-opioid based regional techniques, our primary objectives are to optimize patient satisfaction, minimize morbidity, and improve perioperative efficiency.

Patient Care

We offer ultrasound-guided pain relieving procedures for a wide variety of orthopedic, plastics, vascular, and general surgical patients in our five fully monitored and equipped procedure bays in the Main Operating Room and at the Outpatient Surgery Center. We have aggressively expanded our peripheral nerve block repertoire to include ultrasound guided TAP blocks, Adductor Canal blocks and PEC blocks.


Anesthesiology CA-2 residents achieve their required regional block procedures in the first two weeks of their first block rotations. During their rotation on the service, residents have no official operating room responsibilities. Instead, they focus on the science and art of regional anesthesia. As part of the month long rotation, each resident participates in an academic pursuit which, in the past, has ranged from database analyses to randomized and controlled trials.

In addition, we are proud to offer a unique consult service designed to facilitate the efficacy and safety of peripheral nerve surgery. At the request of our nerve surgeons, patients undergoing peripheral nerve surgery have the preoperative placement of an ultrasound guided wire localization of the surgical lesion. This procedure, analogous to breast lesion wire localization, is performed by our regional block team and is designed to facilitate the intraoperative dissection. Such a unique and innovative service is the result of the creative, collegial, and professional relationship that exists between our surgical colleagues and the anesthesia department.