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Vascular Anesthesia

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center continues to be on the leading edge of clinical care of the vascular surgical population.

Working with a group of nationally recognized leaders in the field of vascular surgery, our residents reap the benefits of being exposed to procedures capable of being performed by only a select and limited number of medical centers. The branched and fenestrated stent graft approach to thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms is one example of such a program limited to DHMC and a handful of other hospitals in the United States. These cases are, by definition, complex and often involve the use of TEE as well as lumbar drain placement for CSF pressure monitoring and management.


Junior residents rotating through the vascular rooms have the opportunity to gain considerable knowledge and confidence as they design, implement, and manage an anesthetic plan for patients who often have multiple major co-morbidities. Senior residents often elect to spend several months during their CA-3 year caring for these challenging patients, refining their clinical skills of preoperative evaluation and perioperative management as they prepare to leave residency and embark upon their own careers as "consultants" in anesthesia.