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Managing a Study

Useful Resources for Managing a Study


The Dartmouth Clinical Trials Office uses an interactive Greenphire software program to manage flow of payments between Dartmouth's clinical trials and the trials' patients.

This process ensures efficient timing and tracking of patient reimbursements and allows patients to receive debit/credit cards instead of paper checks. The funding amount of each card is based on study visits completed by the patient. The majority of these payments will be related to stipends, mileage reimbursement, lodging expenses, and meal reimbursements.

Greenphire protects all information related to its patient cardholders. The software platform deliberately designs its payments and communications to actively protect all data transfer and securely protects data stored with the database.


  1. Once a study is activated, the CTO will build all patient milestone criteria into the patient's Greenphire file.
  2. After it is notified that a study has been activated, the CTO will send the Study Coordinator a set of debit/credit cards.
  3. Upon enrollment of a patient in a clinical trial, the Study Coordinator will register the individual in Velos. During this registration, it is important that the Coordinator indicate the patient??s assigned card number. An improper link between the patient and the card will result in funding errors and delayed payments. If departments need help with Velos procedures, they should contact
  4. If the clinical trial incorporates patient payment, the Study Coordinator will notify the CTO of the enrollment, and the CTO will register the patient in the Greenphire system.
  5. The Study Coordinator will issue the card to the patient during the first visit. As long as visits are properly marked in Velos, requests for patient payment are not required. Velos will interact with the Greenphire system daily to transmit the patient activity that has occurred during that day. It is important for the Study Coordinator to mark each study visit as 'Done" - this triggers the daily Greenphire log. It is also important for the Study Coordinator to indicate any variations from the Patient Calendar. For example, a notification must be entered if a patient was scheduled to receive treatment at DH??s Lebanon campus, but instead received care at a local facility. Otherwise, the patient may be improperly reimbursed for mileage, meals, etc.
  6. Upon completion of a payment-related milestone, a patient will have access to funds within 3 business days. Funds may be accessed at ATMs and at store locations that accept VISA or Mastercard.
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