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Dartmouth-Hitchcock Records Management Program

Records Management / Health Information Services


To store and maintain administrative or clinical records effectively and efficiently and to provide when needed for patient care or to support D-H operations.

Our locations

D-H Records Management/Health Information Services stores and maintains administrative and clinical record collections in three off-site locations:

  • D-H Clinical Record Center
    454 Mt. Support Road
    Lebanon, NH03756
  • Offsite Storage
    Bank Street Extension
    Lebanon, NH03766
  • Offsite Storage
    Spencer Street
    Lebanon, NH03766

Definition of a D-H record

A record is defined as any recorded information generated during the normal course of DHMC business, such as medical records and financial records.Records are stored in a variety of formats, i.e., paper, film, CD or strips.

Recorded information generated in the course of conducting D-H business, which must be maintained to meet the clinical, fiscal, legal, historical or administrative needs of the organization regardless of format.

Therefore, papers, computer printouts, photographs, tapes, microfilms, audio recordings, or other documentary materials, or any copies thereof, regardless of physical form or characteristics, made, produced, executed, or received by any department or office of D-H or by any D-H staff member or physician are considered D-H records.

D-H records also include data generated via any automated information systems even if non-supported by D-H.If a department uses or has developed a computer application to manage some particular facet of its operations, the information in that system is considered a D-H record, whether or not any actual paper or hard copy is generated from it.

Services provided

  • Record Storage and Maintenance
    Depending on the type of records in the collection and its activity, it may be stored at any of our storage locations.
  • Record Retrieval and Delivery by Request
    • Records located at our Bank Street /Spencer St. locations in Lebanon require 24 hours notice and will be delivered Monday ?? Friday between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM.
    • Records located at our Clinical Record Center needed for patient care are delivered 24 hours day/7 days a week.
  • Recycling of Contents of Boxes When Destruction is Due:
    Each box of records must have a retention period for storage. When the retention period has lapsed, the contents of the boxes in the collection will be destroyed & recycled.

Transfer of records to D-H Record Management Program

Requests for storage must be emailed to Judy Connelly, Supervisor of Record Services at

The transferring department/location must agree to the following:

  • Storage of records in 12" x 10" x 15" sized boxes to be provided by Records Management/Health Information Services.
  • Placing a log sheet of box contents in each box.
  • Assurance that no binders or plastic containers of any kind are placed in boxes.
  • Transfer of only full boxes for storage.
  • Labeling of boxes with the following information:
    1. Description of contents
    2. Destruction date
    3. Contact person name and number
  • Compliance with the following criteria:
    1. Copies and blank pages as well as non-clinical information must be cleaned out of a record before it is boxed for pick up.
    2. Clinical Records must have a medical record number and patient name on each document.
    3. Only one type of record will be placed in each box with the printed side facing the front of the box.

Transfer of records from a regional practice

Please follow above instructions in addition to the following:

  • A letter must be sent to the patients explaining that their records will be sent to us for guardianship unless the patient wishes to release his/her record elsewhere.In that case, a signed release from the patient must be provided.
  • Any future requests for release of these records will go through Records Management/Health Information Services Release of Information staff at (603) 650- 7110.
  • One month's notice is required for the transfer of the records.

Customer service

When boxes are ready to be picked up or you have a request for delivery, please e mail Jeremy Richardson with a copy to Judy Connelly and Brian Moulton.Please include the following:

  • Your room number or address
  • Contact person and phone number
  • Number of boxes to be picked up for storage
  • Description of box(es) needed for delivery to customer

Questions or concerns

Please feel free to contact Judy Connelly at (603) 650-2757


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