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About Dartmouth-Hitchcock Connected Care

Dartmouth-Hitchcock TeleHealth

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) Center for TeleHealth was founded in 2012 with a primary objective of helping to deliver outstanding health care to the region independent of patient location. The D-H TeleHealth services were designed to drive accessible, efficient and effective care by complimenting and enhancing programs and services provided in local communities.

TeleICU providers working at their video screens

The approach of D-H TeleHealth is to work collaboratively with facilities, providers and communities to:

  • Identify health care needs and/or gaps for which D-H TeleHealth could provide a solution
  • Bring additional resources to patients and providers when and where requested
  • Improve meaningful outcomes
  • Allow more patients to stay close to home

Photo of neurology provider, nurse, and patientThe Center for TeleHealth is a part of D-H Connected Care. To achieve the goal of connecting patients in the region with the care they need, D-H Connected Care combines telehealth with the Transfer Center and DHART Comm, the D-H transport coordination hub.

D-H Telehealth 24/7 acute care service lines include TeleEmergency, TeleNeurology, TeleIntensive Care (TeleICU), TelePsychiatry, TeleNeonatology (TeleICN) and TelePharmacy. In addition, the Outpatient Virtual Visits service line supports scheduled ambulatory appointments. All of these services have been designed and operationalized to provide improved outcomes, reduced costs, and an enhanced patient and provider experience.

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