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With just the push of a button, D-H TeleEmergency
can be a life-saving connection


In a crisis, Dartmouth-Hitchcock's TeleEmergency service provides immediate support to local care teams by bringing board-certified emergency physicians and experienced emergency nurses to the patient's bedside. Using high-quality, two-way, interactive audio and video on large format monitors, we provide local medical personnel the 24/7/365 back-up, patient care, documentation, second opinion, and/or transfer coordination they may seek in critical situations.


  • TeleEmergency
  • TeleEmergency

Local Patients, Providers and Hospitals:

  • Provides immediate involvement of a board-certified emergency medicine physician and/or an experienced EM nurse
  • Keeps patients close to home, increasing satisfaction
  • Coordinates specialist involvement as needed
  • Provides a "second set of eyes" for unusual or rare presentations
  • Keeps the local teams at the bedside while the teleEmergency team documents, times codes, arranges and coordinates transfers, etc.
  • Reduces transfers
  • Provides consistent, high-quality clinical documentation
  • Increases Provider retention
  • Decreases expenditures for hiring locum tenens
  • Supports facilities during ED volume surges
  • Reduces rural physician isolation

To learn more about D-H TeleEmergency, contact:

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Connected Care
Outreach and Partnerships
(603) 650-1300

D-H TeleEmergency is provided in collaboration with Avera eCare

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