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Decision Support as a Clinical Skill Toolkit

This course combines pre-reading (the ODST) with slides and handouts intended for use in a hands-on workshop to practice decision support skills.

  1. Part I: The Ottawa Decision Support Tutorial (ODST):

    Part 1 is an on-line auto-tutorial designed to help practitioners develop skills in providing decision support. There is no charge for the tutorial.

    Target audiences are: anyone wishing to develop or enhance decision support skills that can be applied to any health care situation in which someone is struggling to make a difficult decision (e.g. physicians, nurses, social workers, clergy, school counselors, genetic counselors, mid-level providers).

    Ottawa Decision Support Tutorial login

  2. Part II: Decision Support as a Clinical Skill slide set:

    A. Decision Support as a Clinical Skill slide sets

    Workshop for Physicians

    Workshop for Non-Physicians