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Step 2: Goals and Scope of Project


  1. Identify whether the project will be quality improvement, clinical implementation, research, or a combination.
  2. Work backwards from what you hope to accomplish to determine how broad the scope will be and what kind of project will achieve your goals.

Examples of Goals:

  • demonstrate feasibility of system change
  • improve patient knowledge by integrating use of decision aids into care
  • support patient decision making by improving knowledge, assessing and addressing decisional conflict
  • enhance clinicians' ability to provide decision support by feeding back patient decision information related to adequacy of knowledge, understanding of values and certainty about choice

Examples of Scope:

  • Clinical integration of decision aids
  • Minimal research: decision aid(s) and patient questionnaire(s)
  • Full research project: decision aid(s) +/- randomization of decision support intervention +/- blanket distribution without randomization; patient assessment, staff assessment, feedback loop, decision quality measurement

Sample Documents:

Process Overview (PDF)

Project Checklist: A model for a project worksheet with assigned roles, timelines, next steps

  1. PC Checklist Full Version (PDF) - Clinical implementation coupled with research
  2. Primary Care Sample Project Checklist (PDF) - Clinical implementation without a research component
  3. Sample Primary Care Screening Project Checklist: PSA (PDF)

Goals to Scope procedure (PDF)

Sample Goals to Scope Flowchart (PDF)

DA Distribution Methods (PDF):

Table 1: Primary Care Decision Aid Distribution Timing

Table 2: Pros and Cons of Decision Aid Distribution Timing