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Step 5: Education and Training

  1. Course
    Pairing of online auto-tutorial with workshop slides and handouts, focusing on decisional conflict, decision aids, risk communication, and use of a generic decision support tool.
  2. Slide set: Better Shared Decision Making in Practice (PPT, 1.08mb):
    Slide set from SIGM training workshop by primary care physicians for primary care physicians. Use as physician training tool, will need a video decision aid to show clips and a trigger tape "Making a Prostate Screening Decision" (see 3 a)

    Goals of workshop:
    • Increase interest in SDM
    • Share our experience and address challenges
    • Demonstrate ways to facilitate SDM
    • Practice communication skills
    • Understand the role and value of decision aids
    • Explore broader implementation of SDM in primary care
  3. Trigger tapes
    Short video showing 3 scenarios in a primary care clinical encounter: usual care, information-based shared decision making, and shared decision making after a
  4. Ottawa Health Research Institute education and training opportunities