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Workshop for Non-Physicians

This course is designed for nurses, social workers and other non-physician health care providers. The main focus is on teaching skills to assist clients with the process of decision making, including the role of decision aids and the importance of clear risk communication.


Decision quality can be improved by recognizing the types of decisions that are likely to cause decisional conflict, assessing whether an individual is having difficulty making a decision and the specific factors leading to the difficulty, and addressing these factors.


  • Recognize clients experiencing decisional conflict
  • Identify strategies to assess and address decision making needs
  • Use tools to coach a client in making difficult decisions
  • Identify sources of decision support tools
  • Learn strategies for helping patients interpret risk information

How to use this slide set

  • This slide set can be used independently or can be presented to a group.
    If being used independently it is best to view in the "Notes Page" view. To view in Notes Page view you must save the slide set to your computer rather than opening directly from the Web.
  • It is recommended that module I be completed before moving on to the others. Modules II, III, IV, and V do not have to be viewed in sequence.
  • When you have completed the program please complete the evaluation form as this feed back will assist us in improving the program.

Course Outline