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Summer Flowers In This Section

Project Criteria & Checklist

Projects will be evaluated by the Steering Committee on the following criteria:

  • Complete – project application is complete
  • Real – requirements of project represent a challenging and real issue for DHMC or the WRVA
  • Feasible – the project can be completed in nine weeks by a team of five students (Tuck), or over 12 weeks in the summer by one student (Thayer)
  • Impactful – project will make a difference for DHMC or the WRVA
  • Timely – the execution period is appropriate for all parties (March-May for Tuck; summer for Thayer)
  • Data – data is available and will be provided to the team
  • Expenses – expenses for the project (if any) have been identified

Project checklist

  • Submit your project by November 1, 2013 
  • Review program websites, and confirm project meets criteria for a successful project
  • Be available to project teams or intern:
    • Tuck – late-March – late-May
    • Thayer – during summer
  • Be prepared to provide requested materials and data
  • Be available for weekly check-in with intern or team