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Program Plan

(Not to exceed 5 pages)

  • Brief description of the proposal and its relevance to primary prevention and health promotion to be used for announcements and publicity.
  • An introduction to the problem which should include a concise review of the pertinent literature, a clear statement of specific aims and measurable objectives of the proposal. Any relevant preliminary work by the applicant should be discussed here.
  • A detailed description of the program in healthful living to be developed for patients or teaching initiatives for health professionals and patients. The work proposed should be appropriate in scope to the budget and the period of the award. In general, the length of the combined Introduction and Description sections should not exceed 5 pages single-spaced. (In the past, some unsuccessful applications have lacked adequate detail and clear definition of measurable objectives by which the success of the fellowship could be determined.)
  • References as appropriate.
  • Statement of anticipated progress in the requested time.
  • A detailed budget for the proposed program indicating the source and amount of any operational support, matching funds or sabbatical leave available to the applicant.
  • Direct or potential clinical applications of the research and plans for applications based upon work done under this protocol to be submitted to other funding agencies.
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