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Research Compliance

Researchers are expected to follow all written policies and procedures relating to research compliance as established by The Hitchcock Foundation, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and Dartmouth College. This includes standards of conduct that promote the adherence to applicable state and federal laws and program requirements of federal, state, and private funding agencies.

Please refer to Hitchcock Foundation grant guidelines and the research compliance website at Dartmouth College for specific policies and procedures.

Policies and Procedures

The healthcare industry is a highly regulated industry. As such, we are subject to the rules and regulations promulgated by the state and federal government, as well as the professional societies that govern the work we do. Compliance means adherence to these rules and regulations as well as following our own internal D-H policies and procedures.

Our core internal Compliance policies include four Conflict of Interest/Business Ethics polices and the Code of Professional Conduct. The conflict of interest/business ethics policies direct how we do business with the medical industry. The Code of Professional Conduct governs how we interact with patients, vendors and one another, as well as how we address our own professional needs and aspirations.

For more information, visit Compliance at Dartmouth-Hitchcock on the intranet.

Note: You must be connected to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock network to access the intranet. To connect to the network from a remote location, visit Access to D-H Computer Applications.

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