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Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education is a distinctive learning process that helps individuals develop effectiveness in ministry.

The goals of CPE are to foster growth in four areas: the ability to be reflective about the personal and professional dimensions of the practice of ministry; formation and integration of pastoral identity in the context of covenantal relationships; competence in the skills of pastoral care; and expertise in areas of pastoral specialization.

Several features make CPE distinctive.

  • It is experience-based learning: students spend half or more of their time in the actual experience of ministry, providing care and learning from the persons with whom they are in ministry.
  • It is student centered: although a basic curriculum is provided, the emphasis is on the student's determination of what she or he needs to learn in order to grow in effectiveness.
  • It is deeply personal and intensely interpersonal: the learning process relies heavily on a small group of peers dedicated to a covenant of mutual learning in order to develop the habits of a reflective professional.

CPE programs at DHMC are accredited by the:

Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.
One West Court Square, Suite 325
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 320-1472

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