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Clinical Genomics and Advanced Technologies

The Laboratory for Clinical Genomics and Advanced Technologies (CGAT) offers a diverse spectrum of clinical tests for the assessment of DNA and RNA within the areas of genetics, hematopathology, infectious diseases, pharmacogenomics, and oncology. The laboratory is equipped to perform DNA/RNA extractions from various clinical specimen types, PCR amplification, microarray analysis and next generation sequencing. Analysis of specific gene targets, panels of genes and the clinical exome are but a few of these applications. The Laboratory Handbook ( is an excellent resource for basic test information and our staff is available Monday through Friday (or by pager on the weekends) to assist with inquiries about our test menu, specimen requirements and questions about reporting or interpretation of results. The supervisor of the CGAT can be reached at 5-8202 or 5-8257.

Our Clinical Genomics and Advanced Technologies Team

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