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Departmental Conference Listing

Key: D=daily; S=semiweekly; W=weekly; B=biweekly; M=monthly

Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital

Anatomic Pathology Staff/Resident W
Autopsy (organ) review W
Breast Tumor Board W
Cardiothoracic Tumor Board W
Clinical Pathology Rounds S
Clinical Pathology Seminar W
Cytology Conference M
Dermatopathology Conference 2/month
Dermatopathology Consensus Conference D
ENT Academic Conference M
ENT Tumor Board W
Forensic Pathology Series M
GI Tumor Board W
GU Tumor Board W
GYN Pathology Residents Microscope Conference 2/month
GYN Oncology Tumor Board W
Hematopathology (Bone Marrow) W
Infectious Disease Case Conference W
Journal Clubs M
Lymphoma Pathology Review M
Lymphoma Tumor Board W
Medical Autopsy Review W
Melanoma Tumor Board 2/month
Morbidity & Mortality (Medical) W
Muscle/Nerve Conference Bi-monthly
Neuropathology Gross Conference W
Neuropathology Teaching Conference M
Neuropathology Tumor Board W
Orthopaedic Pathology Conference M
Pediatric Pathology Conference M
Pediatric Tumor Board 2/month
Perinatal Pathology Conference ad hoc
Radiology/Pathology Conference M
Renal Curriculum Conference M
Renal Pathology Conference M
Research and Review Seminar 2/month
Surgical Pathology Multihead Scope Review D
Surgical Pathology Slide Review W
Surgical Pathology Subspecialty Conference W

Veterans Affairs Medical Center (if rotating at this facility)

GI Review S
Autopsy Organ Review W
Tumor Board W
Laboratory Departmental Meetings M
Operations and Invasives M
Morbidity and Mortality W
Clinical Executive - Manchester, NH M
Administrative Executive Board M
Tissue and Transfusion - Manchester NH M
Professional Standards Board M
Clinical Executive Board M
Director's Staff Conference M
Executive Committee of the Governing Body M
Neuropathology Conference ad hoc
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