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Gastrointestinal, Liver and Pancreas Pathology

At Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, we offer comprehensive diagnostic services to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal, liver and pancreas diseases and tumors; including Barrett esophagus, gastritis, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancers, pancreas cancers, acute and chronic hepatitis, and liver cancers.

Our faculty members are subspecialty trained in gastrointestinal, hepatic and pancreatobiliary pathology with years of subspecialty practice in a multidisciplinary academic environment.

We offer consultative reviews for all cases as well as special testing, immunohistochemistry (including mismatch repair gene testing for colon cancers), in situ hybridization (HER2NEU for esophagogastric cancer) and molecular diagnostic testing (KRAS and BRAF mutation testing among others).

Our Gastrointestinal, Liver and Pancreas Pathology Team

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