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Translational Research Overview

Pathology Translational Research Laboratory
Co-founders: Greg Tsongalis, PhD, and Wendy A. Wells, MD, Msc.

Mission: To facilitate project planning, clinical validation and implementation of novel translational technology and research in the fields of molecular diagnostics, molecular therapeutics, pharmaco-genomics, quantitative morphologic image analysis and immunohistochemistry (IHC) in a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory ensuring optimal clinical quality assurance.

Laboratory resources

  • High throughput genotyping/sequencing capabilities
  • Gel and electrophoresis
  • Customized gene micro-array technology
  • Laser capture microscopy and DNA extraction from paraffin embedded tissues
  • Creation and interpretation of tissue micro-arrays
  • Quantitative morphometric image analysis
  • Immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, FISH
  • Prospective tissue procurement protocols

For histology and immunohistochemical studies

  • A microtome
  • A staining and de-paraffinization set up with microwave
  • Biogenix i-6000 automated immuno-stainer

For genotyping and sequencing

  • Real time PCR (SCII and ABI 7500) and traditional PCR (Biorad Gene Engines) instruments Beckman CEQ for capillary electrophoresis and sequencing
  • Qiagen EZ1 automated extraction
  • Promega Maxwell automated extraction instruments

For Laser Capture Microscopy (LCM)

  • Molecular Devices PixCell II microscope (Arcturus Engineering Inc.)

For quantitative image analysis

  • BX51 microscope system with both transmitted light and fluorescence
  • High resolution Q-imaging Qicam cooled, fire-wire camera
  • Media Cybernetics Image Pro plus software bundled with Scope pro-stage control software to image and quantify tissue microarrays
  • Capabilities for whole slide, high resolution scanning and image montaging; and data storage and management

For Tissue Microarray production

  • Manual Beecher instrument
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