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Student Fellowships

Fellowships in the Department of Pathology can be arranged during medical school training for extended periods of time (up to 12 months). A fellowship may be taken after the second or third years of medical school, but other schedules may also be accommodated.

Fellow at computer These fellowships extend medical school training in pathology and afford more extensive exposure to pathology as a specialty discipline. Students interested in pathology as a career can examine this choice closely before embarking on a residency. The fellowship can also provide a useful opportunity to gain research exposure and experience that will advance one's career and facilitate successful application to competitive residency programs. For students planning a career in a clinical specialty, this year may provide a greater understanding of pathophysiology that will support their future diagnostic interpretations and therapeutic decisions at the bedside.

The content of the fellowship is determined jointly by the student and an advisor assigned from the department's Residency Committee. Some fellows have structured their programs in a single discipline, such as anatomic pathology, while others have combined experiences in anatomic and clinical pathology. The fellowship year is divided into 13 four-week rotations. Many fellows have also included a substantial block of time in research rotations, gaining experience in laboratory skills and critical thought and initiating or participating in important research projects. Up to six rotation blocks may be filled with research electives.

In these rotations, fellows take on most of the responsibilities of a first-year pathology resident and "learn by doing" with exposure to the same extensive didactic training supplied to residents.

Fellows have used this program to launch successful careers in pathology, and contribute significantly to the research of the department. This is truly a growing experience for a student who is willing to explore.

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