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Teaching Programs

  • Netpath: developed by Daniel S. Longnecker, MD. Web-based, instructional programs with didactic text, images, interactive questions and answers. Programs include Cardiology, Respiration, Reproduction, Endocrinology, Connective Tissue and Bone, GI, FEK and Dermatology. All computer-based instruction programs previously offered using Hypercard programs (Videoatlas and CIMAS) have been reformatted into Netpath.
  • Doctor at microscopePathology of Lymph Nodes: Norman Levy, MD. A general review of lymph node pathology, with photomicrographic images. Oriented towards a second-year medical student level.
  • Case of the Quarter: unusual hematologic entities presented and reviewed by members of the Society for Hematopathology. Norman Levy, MD, Department of Pathology.
  • Renal Quarterly Cases: authored by Alan R. Schned, MD, Professor of Pathology
  • Anemia Planalyzer: authored by Joseph O'Donnell, MD and Hal Lyon, PhD. A web-based, interactive, case-oriented program developed to teach medical students the clinical and laboratory approach to the differential diagnosis of anemia.
  • Chest Pain Planalyzer: authored by James R. Bell, MD. A web-based, interactive, case-oriented program developed to teach medical students how to work up actual patients in clinical settings.
  • Interesting DHMC Neuropathology Cases: authored by Brent T. Harris, MD, PhD.
  • Pathology Presentations Archive: Powerpoint presentations given by people associated with the department. Presentations can be added to the archive or searched for and downloaded.
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