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Translational Research Overview

Pathology Translational Research Laboratory

Co-founders: Greg Tsongalis, PhD, and Wendy A. Wells, MD, Msc

Our mission is to facilitate project planning, clinical validation and implementation of novel translational technology and research in the fields of molecular diagnostics, molecular therapeutics, pharmaco-genomics, quantitative morphologic image analysis and immunohistochemistry (IHC) in a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory ensuring optimal clinical quality assurance.

Laboratory resources

  • High throughput genotyping/sequencing capabilities
  • Gel and electrophoresis
  • Customized gene micro-array technology
  • Laser capture microscopy and DNA extraction from paraffin embedded tissues
  • Creation and interpretation of tissue micro-arrays
  • Quantitative morphometric image analysis
  • Immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, FISH
  • Prospective tissue procurement protocols

For histology and immunohistochemical studies

  • A microtome
  • A staining and de-paraffinization set up with microwave
  • Biogenix i-6000 automated immuno-stainer

For genotyping and sequencing

  • Real time PCR (SCII and ABI 7500) and traditional PCR (Biorad Gene Engines) instruments Beckman CEQ for capillary electrophoresis and sequencing
  • Qiagen EZ1 automated extraction
  • Promega Maxwell automated extraction instruments

For Laser Capture Microscopy (LCM)

  • Molecular Devices PixCell II microscope (Arcturus Engineering Inc.)

For quantitative image analysis

  • BX51 microscope system with both transmitted light and fluorescence
  • High resolution Q-imaging Qicam cooled, fire-wire camera
  • Media Cybernetics Image Pro plus software bundled with Scope pro-stage control software to image and quantify tissue microarrays
  • Capabilities for whole slide, high resolution scanning and image montaging; and data storage and management

For Tissue Microarray production

  • Manual Beecher instrument
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