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Translational Service Prices

Histology service

Block, no slide    $3.00

Block, slide, H&E stain    $6.00

Recut, H&E stain    $3.90

Block, slide, unstained (paraffin)    $5.20

Block, slide, unstained (frozen section)    $8.20

Recut, unstained    $2.90

Serial section, H&E stain (each slide)    $3.00

Serial section, unstained (each slide)    $2.90

Step sections (per section)    $2.90

Macro sections

Macro block (only)    $15.00

Macro section (stained)    $18.50


Per slide (cutting and antibody cost additional)     $35.23

Special Stain(s) *

Unit Price     $16.42

* Maximum of 10 slides; cutting is extra; price is based on complexity
* These costs vary according to the specific protocols requested.

Slide scanning

Per slide    $5.50

TMA slide scanning

Complete slide (each slide)     $11.00

Separate images (per images)     $2.50 (per images)

Laser capture

One LCM Cap    $18.25 (per cap)

Additional cap from same slide    $14.25

Pathologist consultation services

$180/hour, minimum of 5 minutes or $15

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