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Simulation-Based Education and Research (SBER)

The Patient Safety Training Center - Operated by SBER

The Simulation-Based Education and Research department operates the Patient Safety Training Center; a simulation center located at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. The Patient Safety Training Center (PSTC) at Dartmouth-Hitchcock provides services and facilities for multidisciplinary experiential learning. We provide a safe environment offering a full spectrum of opportunities for learning, as well as personal and professional challenge. Here, health care professionals acquire technical proficiency, knowledge, confidence, attitudes and team skills to continue the journey to safer practice and excellence in patient care.

The PSTC is part of Dartmouth-Hitchcock's vision to transform health care for the community and region, setting standards for the nation.

Our Mission

We drive the improvement of patient safety and health care quality outcomes through experiential, evidence-based simulation education and meaningful simulation research.

Our Vision

We strive to eliminate clinical practice gaps that threaten patient safety through the use of evidence-based simulation education and research.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Continual improvement

Plan and Schedule a Simulation Training

If you are interested in planning and scheduling a training within the Patient Safety Training Center, please email the SBER Master Scheduler at

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