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Quality Measures

A component of the CMS PGP Demonstration Project is the collection and measurement of 32 quality measures, based on evidence-based best practices for chronic disease and preventative care.

Using a module implementation structure, sections of the quality measures were assessed each of the three years of the project, continually adding until all 32 measures were collected during the final year.

  • Year 1: April 2005-March 2006
  • Year 2: April 2006-March 2007
  • Year 3: April 2007-March 2008

Quality Measure Module Implementation

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Diabetes (DM) Measures* X X X
Heart Failure (HF) Measures* X X
Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) Measures X X
Hypertension (HTN) Measures X
Prevention (PC) Measures ** X

*Includes influenza and pneumonia vaccination
** Includes breast cancer and colorectal cancer screening

Source: M. Trisolini, RTI International, December 2004; Version 4.0 of the CMS Doctor's Office Quality (DOQ) Project quality measures.

Read the full overview (PDF)