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Accessing D-Hconnect

Once I have a D-Hconnect account, do I log in at the website?

Access to D-Hconnect uses a secure Citrix Portal. A member of the D-Hconnect Support team will contact you regarding this access when you sign up to participate in D-Hconnect.

Is it secure?

Yes. D-Hconnect will encrypt all data communication between your computer and our server. There will be no patient data stored in your web browser's cache, and our servers are maintained behind a firewall in a secure data center.

Can I use a Mac?

Yes. Citrix Receiver is available for MacOS.

Can I use a smartphone? An iPad or other tablet?

Yes, Citrix Receiver is available for iOS and Android devices including Chromebooks. This application may be downloaded from the device's app store. Output is optimized for viewing on a larger screen, so a cell phone will require zooming in and out.

Can I get access to a patient who shows up in my ED?

Unless a patient is opted out of electronic records sharing, you can access their D-H medical record, including current information within D-Hconnect and historical information in Legacy systems. If you are unable to access a patient's records electronically, relevant information can be faxed to you by calling (603) 650-5000 and asking for Release of Information, which is staffed 24/7.

What are Legacy Systems?

You will see some patients have records in legacy systems, EMRs we used prior to migrating to Epic (eD H).

Legacy CIS is a read-only view of our previous EMR. We replaced CIS with eD-H on April 2, 2011. D‑Hconnect contains problem lists, medications, operative histories and other discrete clinical data migrated from CIS, and all documentation of care provided on or after our go-live date is stored there as well. Prior office notes and other reports will remain in Legacy CIS, accessible through the Legacy Records link within D‑Hconnect.

Legacy Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord and Legacy Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene/Cheshire Medical Center records are also available as static PDF reports.

I've never used CIS, does this require different training?

CIS does require different training. However, it is a much simpler EMR to use, and you may find training to be unnecessary. If you do require training, contact the D-Hconnect Support team to set up an appointment.

Can I view images?

Yes. You will have access to radiology images in our PACS system, as well as scanned documents and uploaded photographs in the patient chart.

Can I enter a referral?

Providers can enter referral orders in D-Hconnect to request labs and appointments for specialty care. Other staff at your practice will have access to the referral module to request appointments and check the status of referrals in process.

I forgot my password or the system doesn't recognize my password

If you attempt to login 5 times within 10 minutes unsuccessfully, the system will lock your account. Your account will automatically be unlocked 10 minutes from the last bad attempt. If you do not remember your password, call DHconnect Support at (603) 653-3272 for assistance.

Who do I call if I have other problems?

You can call D-Hconnect Support team at (603) 653-3272, or email