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Account Information

How do I get a D-Hconnect account?

To become a D-Hconnect user, you will need to complete your organization's D-Hconnect account request form, and submit it to the authorized person listed on the form. Once we have received a completed and authorized form, the D-Hconnect support team will set up your account, typically within a week. If you do not know how to access the request form at your organization, please contact us at for a copy or further instructions.

Is there a charge to use D-Hconnect?

No, D-Hconnect is provided as a free service to providers and health care organizations. There are minimal requirements for computer capability: a manufacturer-supported operating system plus a small, free client software called Citrix Receiver, which can be downloaded. For tablets and mobile devices, search for Citrix Receiver within your device’s application store.

How will I be trained?

D-Hconnect is a read-only view of the eD-H clinical record; it is streamlined and intuitive to navigate. We offer WebEx, or onsite group training presentations. There are help cards available to print or view online. As always, the D-Hconnect support team is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to assist with questions and troubleshooting either at, or by phone at (603) 653-3272. Refer to the Training page for more information.

Who at my practice can get an account?

Each institution or practice determines who can get access to D-Hconnect. Generally, this should mirror the local EMR access that exists within the practice. This may include all providers, nurses, referral coordinators, care coordinators, and scheduling coordinators or those who would need access to the medical record for purposes of treatment, payment, and operations as defined by HIPAA.