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Can I update my communication preference?

You can receive communications by In Basket, fax, or postal mail. To change your preference, call the D-Hconnect support team at (603) 653-3272 or email

To protect personal health information (PHI), D-Hconnect utilizes secure messaging. If you sign up for email, you will receive an email notification that you have a message in your D-Hconnect In Basket. Logging into D-Hconnect is the only way to access your In Basket.

Can I have someone else at my practice check my In Basket?

You can designate another user to access and manage your inbox. This user will need their own D-Hconnect account. Learn more about In Baskets.

How timely will the data I'll have access to be?

All clinical data is available in real time. You will need to log into D-Hconnect to view the data.

Do I use both D-Hconnect and the Connection Center?

You can use either service to manage the care of your patients. Feel free to call the D-Hconnect support team at (603) 653-3272 or email for consultation on how best to utilize these tools.