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  • Can I send you electronic information?
    You cannot send electronic information unless it is attached to a referral for a specific patient. For referrals, you can attach electronic notes, images and other documents that will avoid duplicate assessment or assist with scheduling the appointment request.
  • Will I still get notes via email, fax, or mail as I have specified my preference?
    • If you currently receive routine clinical communication from Dartmouth Hitchcock via mail or fax, that mode will continue with our new system. If you currently receive links to notes in your e mail, you will need to access D Hconnect to view electronic communication.
    • To protect personal health information (PHI), D-Hconnect utilizes secure messaging. If you sign up for email, you will receive an email notification that you have a message in your D-Hconnect In Basket. Logging into D-Hconnect is the only way to access your In Basket.
  • Can I have someone else at my practice check my In Basket?
    You can designate another user to access and manage your inbox. This user will need a separate D-Hconnect account, and will be required to sign and adhere to the agreement.
    More about In Baskets: //
  • How timely will the data I'll have access to be?
    All clinical data is available real time. You will need to log into D-Hconnect to view the data.
  • Do I use both D-Hconnect and the Connection Center?
    You can use either service to manage the care of your patients. Feel free to call the DHconnect Support team at (603) 653-3272 or email for consultation on how best to utilize these tools.