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Faculty Goals

The goals of our faculty in the Surgical Technology Program are to:

  • Prepare you to function safely, effectively, and efficiently as Surgical Technologists, and to exhibit ethical behavior
  • Instill in you the concept of personal responsibility and accountability for your actions in the operating room while functioning as a part of the healthcare team (Affective)
  • Instruct you and refine your practice in the necessary manipulative skills that will enable you to function as Surgical Technologists (Psychomotor)
  • Provide you with a foundation of basic science and various subject matters unique to the operating room to allow you to utilize critical thinking skills in variable circumstances (Cognitive)

Our program is designed to accept a maximum of ten students per year, with one start per year. In a two-year time frame, there could be a maximum of one class with a total of 10 students who would be enrolled in various stages in the program.