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Transfer Process

DHMC is committed to facilitating all transfer requests in the fastest manner possible and accommodating all patients. Transfers may be timed to align with the patient's clinical status and patient care requirements.

  1. Call the Transfer Center at (877) 999-9870. Your call will be recorded.
  2. The Transfer Center nurse will then collect initial information, determine appropriate clinical service to be contacted and document all patient information in our new transfer center software system.

    When calling the Transfer Center, the following information will be requested:
    • Referring hospital name and phone
    • Referring physician name and contact numbers
    • Patient name, age, diagnosis, and type of specialty care or service requested
    • Clinical status of the patient
  3. DHMC attending physician or designee will determine the patient's transfer status.
  4. The patient's transfer plan will be determined at the conclusion of the three-way call between the referring and DHMC providers, and the Transfer Center nurse.
  5. The Transfer Center nurse will facilitate all components of the patient's urgent/emergent admission process.
  6. Regular updates will be provided by the Transfer Center nurse at pre-designated intervals and upon request.
Upper Valley Ambulance

Calling services directly

All calls for emergent transfer will be routed to the Transfer Center. Call the Transfer Center at (877) 999-9870.

Coordination of transportation

The Transfer Center nurse will work with the referring physician to determine the preferred mode of transport required for the patient.

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